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Park Kwang Hui Medicinal Herbs Cooking

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[Park Kwang Hee Kim Chi]

  • South Korea South Korea

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Park Kwang Hui Medicinal Herbs Cooking(Domestic)


● Dried wild in Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do directly raw material of wild plants that grow peppers and rice, kimchi, a traditional medicinal herb 5 years with the aging anchovy sauce.

● Main effects : This is lower blood pressure and prevent obesity, it is effective for the prevention of cancer and inhibition of aging


Medicinal Herbs Cooking
Ingredient / Additive

A Korean lettuce, dandelion, Alpine leek, Korean angelica root, Samchae chilly pepper powder, oligosaccharide, anchovy sauce, garlic, Sticky rice starch



Shelf Life

12 months

Storage way

Keep in a frozen place away from sunlight

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Park Kwang Hui Medicinal Herbs Cooking

Park Kwang Hui Medicinal Herbs Cooking